Proportional Torque Control
The control mode and snaplock™ drive interface provides the optimum mechanical advantage to the damper by delivering the right torque, in the right place, at the right time.

Tested and approved to
BS ISO 10294-1:1996,BS EN 1366-2:1999 and BS476 pt. 20:1987 Fire TestStandards.

Actionair Smoke/Shield PTC
Proportional Torque Control - Automatic Smoke and Fire Dampers

Actionair has always been at the forefront in the innovative development, design and manufacture of life safety dampers and associated controls. Now with the unique Smoke/Shield PTC™ range of Automatic Smoke and Fire Dampers Actionair continues this tradition.

The Smoke/Shield PTC™ range of Quality Engineered Dampers are suitable for air conditioning and ventilation systems requiring up to 4 hour smoke and fire protection. These aerodynamic stainless steel interlocking opposed blade dampers are fail-safe spring close with manual or electrical reset control modes. The Vent/Shield PTC™ Damper range are reverse acting for smoke release or exhaust. (Motorised Control Mode M5 and M6 versions only)

Construction Smoke/Shield PTC™

Smoke/Shield PTC™ High Operating Temperature Smoke Control and Extract Dampers comprising of 75mm stainless steel aerodynamic blades incorporating synthetic seal, with stainless steel blade end bearings and peripheral gasketing. Housed in a galvanised fully welded, spigotted casing suitable for square, rectangular, circular or flat oval connections. The totally enclosed precise movement opposed blade drive shall be positioned out of the airstream for protection against damage, be hard wearing and free running. The Control Mode/Damper connection shall be by means of the snaplock™ drive interface mechanism, which is totally independent of the ductwork. Smoke/Shield PTC™ dampers and the in appropriate insulated control modes shall be arranged for motor close and spring open operation.


Easy connection to square, rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork.


Unique and patented Electrical Thermal Release for ultimate safety.

Halogen Free Low Smoke and Fume cabling supplied as a standard safety feature. Actionpac Damper Control System

Vent/Shield PTC™ reverse action dampers for smoke release or exhaust applications.

Control Options

A choice of three Control Modes are located outside of the ductwork for easy access and installation. The motorised Control Modes 5 and 6 can be fitted in 3 positions through 180° allowing maximum on-site installation flexibility. All Smoke/Shield Control Modes must be in the released position prior to connection.

Control Mode 1
Manual reset – with volt free contact for provision of external indication of damper status. Not available on Vent/Shield. Note: Vent/Shield PTC™ Dampers and associated control modes are reverse action with spring opening (only available on Modes 5 and 6).
Mechanical Fusible Link Control Mode 1 (Smoke/Shield only). Fail-safe by means of a unique and patented mechanical fusible link which operates at approx. 72 °C, complying with BS5588 Part 9: 1999. The link assembly incorporates a safety feature that ensures the fail safe status of the damper if the link is not fitted on to the ductwork. A manual test may be performed by simple unscrewing the wing nut situated on the fusible link.

Control Modes 5 and 6
Optimised motor/spring return control modes with remote resetrelease facilities, with volt free contacts for provision of external indication, monitoring and control by means of an Actionpac damper control system, or by a suitable alternative proprietary control format.
Electrical Thermal Release (ETR) Control Modes 5 and 6. Fail-safe by means of a unique and patented electrical thermal release which operates at 72 °C or if power supply is interrupted, complying with BS 5588 Part 9: 1999. The ETR incorporates triple safety features, including an ingenious device that ensures the fail-safe status of the damper if the ETR is not fitted on to the ductwork. A manual test switch allows periodic operation of the damper for testing purposes simulating actual fail-safe release under smoke/fire conditions. For safety reasons the ETR is designed to operate once only when 72 °C temperature is reached.



  • Smoke/Shield PTC is an LPCB approved product and conforms to the requirements of LPS1162 iss 2.
  • An LPCB approved product, compliant to the new Loss Prevention Council Design Guide for Fire Protection of Buildings.
  • Fire tested in vertical and horizontal applications under dynamic conditions by The Loss Prevention Council.
  • Corrosion tested to LPS 1162.
  • Complies with the latest DW 144 casing leakage specification.
  • The Control Modes satisfy the requirements of EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1 electro magnetic compatibility.

Specification for SMOKE / SHIELD PTC

Automatic smoke and fire dampers shall be of double skin spigot case having continuously welded corners and spigot connections. Stainless steel aerofoil blades of double skin construction, interlocking within twin trailing edges, the interlocking providing a double metal seal. Incorporated within the blade profile is a synthetic seal to ensure low closed blade smoke leakage at ambient temperature. Accurate bearing, alignment, positive cap and bar drive, and blade retention combine to provide a slimline double skin casing of high rigidity, complying with DW 144 classes A, B and C. Automatic smoke and fire dampers shall be tested to and comply with BS ISO 10294/1 classification ES, and European Standard EN1366-2. Automatic smoke and fire dampers to be complete with factory fitted installation frames (where specified) to the HVC 06/05/83 specification. Automatic smoke and fire dampers shall be fitted with a snaplock interface and the relevant control mode specified on the drawings. The snaplock interface and control mode to provide closure with proportional torque control and give visual indication of damper status. Dampers will be fail-safe by means of electrical thermal release which operates at 72°C or by loss of power, complying with BS5588 part 9.

Automatic smoke and fire dampers to be type Smoke/Shield PTC as manufactured by Actionair, telephone 01227 276100.

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Actionair, as part of Ruskin Air Management Limited, is committed to providing innovative solutions for smoke control and airside and waterside control fan coil units through the pursuit of excellence.

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