Easier Reset Mechanism

Choice of 230 Volt A.C. or 24 Volt A.C. and D.C. remote electro magnet fail-safe releases on cassette type options only.

Tested and approved to
BS ISO 10294-1: 1996, BS EN 1366-2: 1999 and BS 476 Part 20: 1987 Fire Test

Actionair Fire/Shield
Stainless Steel Bladed Curtain Fire Dampers Series 

The Fire/Shield range of quality engineered dampers are suitable for air conditioning and ventilation systems requiring up to 4 hour fire protection.

These stainless steel bladed Actionair Fire/Shield Dampers fail-safe closed and are supplied with the new innovative, even easier Single-Handed Reset Self Latching Removable Release Mechanism Cassette, which permits single handed reset.

Fire/Shield Dampers are designed for application in normal dry filtered air systems. If exposed to fresh air intakes and/or inclement conditions the damper should be subject to a planned inspection programme. Any specialists and/or aggressive applications (e.g. swimming pools) may invalidate our warranty, please refer to Actionair Sales Office.



The Type 1.4016 (430) Ferritic Stainless Steel folding blade curtain, providing maximum strength, form an impenetrable fire shield. Housed within a galvanised steel outer casing with fully welded spigots and corners to comply with DW144 class A, B & C.

Optional blade construction
Type 1.4401 (316) Austenitic Stainless Steel.



Product Conformity Awarded by the Loss Prevention Certification Board Limited (LPCB).

New Cassette Specification

  • Patented design.
  • Made of Polyphenylenesulphide (PPS) resin reinforced with 40% glass fibre (GF-PPS).
  • Technically advanced engineering polymer.
  • PPS is stable at temperatures up to 200 C.
  • Cassette construction is of very high strength and has excellent creep and fatigue resistance.
  • Low smoke and toxic emissions in fire conditions.
  • Halogen free
  • PPSPPS has a very low moisture absorption.
  • PPS is corrosion resistant.
  • The Cassette construction is environmentally friendly (recyclable material).
  • The new Cassette is retrofit table to existing Fire/Shield Dampers (by use of a simple optional adaption bracket).
  • One Cassette to suit all damper material options.


The cassette mechanism is completely removable from the Fire/Shield Damper by manually releasing the retaining clip. This allows replacement of the cassette without the use of tools. Simple hand operation enables the damper curtain to be reset and latched in the fully Open Position. This increases the ease and speed with which the Fire/Shield Damper can be reset following periodic functional testing in accordance with British Standard BS 5588: Part 9 Code of Practice for Ventilation and Air Conditioning Ductwork.
The thermal actuator in the form of a helical memory metal compression spring is produced from a special Cu- Zn-AI brass alloy.
On temperature rise this expands and at 72C, causes the Fire/Shield damper blades to release.On cooling, the spring reverts to the close-coiled state offering the significant advantage of repeated operation, unless it has reached temperatures in excess 170 C, where it will remain extended, preventing reset.
The cassette body will start to lose its structural strength at temperatures in excess 200 C and will stop supporting the blades.

Specification for Curtain Fire Dampers

Fire dampers shall be manufactured with stainless steel folding curtain housed within a galvanised steel outer casing with continuously welded corners and spigot connections comply with DW 144 class A B and C.
The Fire Dampers to include a release cassette with memory metal spring, which will release the damper at 72 dec C, the cassette shall also be self-latching reset. Fitted with stainless steel side gaskets to minimise the spread of smoke and other products of combustion, and have an external visual indication of the damper curtain.

Fire dampers shall be tested to and comply with BS EN 1366 - 2 or BS ISO 10294 - 1 to E classification. Dampers shall be approved by the LPCB certification scheme.

Fire dampers to be complete with factory fitted installation frame suitable for masonry wall or dry wall installation. (as specified)

Fire dampers to be type Fire/Shield as manufactured by Actionair.

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Innovative New Cassette

Innovative cassette, new design with even easier single handed reset. Ordinary steel curtain fire dampers involve a complex pull and lift curtain opening operation, further complicated by having to hold the curtain in the fully open position against the constant tension of closure springs whilst attempting to reset or replace the fusible link unsighted.

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