Linear Slot Diffusers
Models Slot 20 and Slot 25

Designed to combine a high air change rate capability and maximum flexibility in air pattern and volume control, linear slot diffusers offer unobtrusive good looks with functional efficiency and linear capability in either ceiling or sidewall applications.  Linear slot diffusers are particularly suitable for use in large open-plan office spaces where the air distribution installation is required to offer built in flexibility to suit changing occupancy arrangements or the relocation of internal partitioning.

Matching plenum boxes are also available to simplify installation and ensure optimum performance.



Linear Slot Diffuser

Extruded aluminium throughout.

Finishes Standard
Matt white RAL 9010 frame with anodised eggshell finish blades.

Optional Frame
Natural anodised.  AA5.
Other colours available to special order.

Optional Blades
Natural anodised or white RAL 9010 Matt finish.
Duct fixed interchangable Type F7.

End Flanges Single Units
Supplied fitted both ends. 

Linear Runs
Supplied fitted one end only of both end units or make-up pieces. 

Fixing Standard
Side fixing twist in brackets Type F7.  Sliding fit alignment strips, Type SP1 are supplied as standard with all linear diffuser modules for continuous appearance.

"U" bracket fixing to hemmed duct Type F6.
Duct fixed into channel Type F7.

Size Width
1 - 8 slots in 20mm or 25mm spacing.  Larger to special order if required.


Any length up to 2400mm nominal opening size.

Linear runs will be supplied in 2400mm long sections with end flanges as necessary.  The exact length of the run will be made up with intermediate make-up sections.

Where exact lengths are difficult to ascertain, we recommend that make-up sections include 200mm of solid mullion at one end for site trimming.  e.g. 1000mm make-up section cut at 1100mm with 200mm solid mullion.

Channel Stiffener
A 12mm x 12mm x 1.5mm channel stiffener is fitted to all open ended diffusers 2 slots and above.  The stiffener is fitted approximately 50mm in from the diffuser ends.  

Blanking Plates  
(if Specified)
Supplied loose for cutting and fitting on site in sections.

Extract Applications
Unless specially requested otherwise, diffusers for use in extract mode will be supplied with pattern control blades fitted to match the appearance of supply units.

Mitred Corners
These are provided as 90
composite sections (refer to tables in catalogue).

Special Order
Other angles can be supplied, a template or drawing will usually be required.  This should always be as viewed from above.

Diffusers should be ordered by the length of the opening into which they are fitted (nominal length). Specify slot 20 or 25.  Alternatively specify overall flange dimensions.

Please refer to ordering code information in catalogue.


Specification Plenum Boxes
Single deflection grille with vertical blades.

Galvanised or Zintec sheet metal.


Any length up to 2000mm, with central circular spigot to choice.  Plenum boxes can be provided with plain edge to sit in slot diffuser channel fork or with hemmed edge for "U" bracket fixing.


Spigot damper with remote operation through face of diffuser.

Acoustic or thermal insulation to inner or outer surfaces.  Spigot connections NOT insulated.

We recommend all plenum boxes are supported from structure regardless of whether fixing F7, F6 or F9 is employed.

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