Extra Heavy Grade Floor Grille

Routing services through the floor void is now a standard solution for the modern building.  The extra freedom which access floors allow in the planning and re-planning of internal layouts makes them popular with both designers and building owners.

The Type PF-HDA Extra Heavy Grade Floor Grille is constructed totally in aluminium and features a unique one-piece "multi-blade" mitred frame.  The reinforcing frame has been specially tested to withstand high loading making this product ideal for installation in areas such as computer rooms where heavy loads may be placed upon them.

Fully Tested
The type PF-HDA Extra Heavy Grade Floor Grille has been fully tested and meets the heady grade requirements of the PSA MOB PF2 PS/PSU March 1992 specification, which includes the rolling load test.

The Type PF-HDA Extra Heavy Grade Floor Grille has also passed the T11 extra heavy grade air grille test without collapse.

Units can be offered with optional Opposed Blade Dampers and users can also select either a brushed satin or tough nylon coat finish.  All grilles are manufactured to suit the overall thickness of raised floor panels inclusive of covering to ensure a flush finish.

Model PF-HDA
Volume Total Pressure Free Area Velocity Duct Velocity Noise Level
(l/s) (Pa) (m/s) (m/s) (NR)
200 6 1.7 0.9 26
300 12 2.5 1.4 27
400 19 3.3 1.8 31
500 25 4.2 2.3 42
600 32 5.0 2.7 46
700 38 5.8 3.2 49

All figures shown include an Opposed Blade Damper set fully open.

When no damper is required a reduction of both 2NR and 2Pa can be applied to the noise and pressure figures stated.

For some projects it is a requirement for safety and insulation that the exposed surfaces of the panel floor grilles are black nylon coated.  Other colours are available on request.  Earthing tags can also be supplied as an option.

Although the 600 x 600mm size is the most common other sizes are available.

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